Handbook for Measurement and Monitoring. Indicators of the Regional Goals for Human Resources for Health. A Shared Comittment

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Author: Pan American Health Organization / World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO)

Date of publication: May 2011

Summary: The purpose of the handbook is to provide a standardized reference document for countries of the Region that clarifi es the terms and parameters of each of the twenty goals of PAHO’s Resolution CSP27/10, “Regional Goals for Human Resources for Health (HRH) 2007-2015,” in order that they may be consistently understood, applied, measured and monitored.

As a self-contained technical instruction manual, the handbook is intended to provide a practical tool to guide the identifi cation and defi nition of initial baseline data to be collected in order to provide a descriptive profi le of countries’ human resources for health to facilitate monitoring their progress towards achieving their HRH goals over time.