Meeting of the Working Group on HRH Governance in the Caribbean

To support the implementation of the HRH Roadmap by identifying collaborative opportunities and mechanisms to strengthen health workforce planning and management in the Caribbean.

To provide a regional forum for HRH policy makers, planners and managers in order to identify:

  • The role of governance in the effective management of national HRH resources;
  • HRH policy and management gaps within the Caribbean region;
  • Collaborative regional actions and priorities to strengthen HRH governance at the national level;
  • An ongoing, regional planning mechanism to optimize opportunities for HRH technical cooperation, resource mobilization and support; and,
  • Next steps in implementing a comprehensive regional HRH strategy to support national HRH development.


HRH Observatory
  Donald Ferguson, HR Advisor Caribbean. PAHO/WHO Barbados
Caribbean Health Planning Context
  Rasul Baghirov, Advisor, Health Systems & Services Office of Caribbean Programme Coordination. PAHO/WHO Barbados
Sub-regional Experience in implementing  HR Observatories
  Mónica Padilla, HR Advisor Central America and Dominican Republic. PAHO/WHO El Salvador
Alternative Governance Mechanisms for Needs-Based HRH Planning
  Gail Tomblin Murphy, Dalhousie University
Health Sector Multi-disciplinary Committee, Ministry of Health
  Jennifer Andall, Manager – Health Sector HR Planning & Development, Ministry of Health, Trinidad and Tobago
Human Resources in Health Observatory. The Belize experience
  Natalia Castillo, General Manager Ag., National Health Insurance, Belize Social Security Board
Road Map
  Rick Cameron, Consultant PAHO/WHO
HRH Planning & Management Survey
  Rick Cameron, Consultant PAHO/WHO
Role of Governancein HRH Management
  Rick Cameron, Consultant PAHO/WHO
Global HRH planning mechanisms
  Rick Cameron, Consultant PAHO/WHO
Role of HRH Information in Regional Planning
  Selvi Jeyaseelan, HRH Consultant, UWI, Barbados
Database Development
  Selvi Jeyaseelan, HRH Consultant, UWI, Barbados
Caribbean Human Resources for Health (HRH) Road Map. The Research Journey
Sharon Rose Gittens, MSW Social Worker Intern, Ministry of Social Care, Barbados
Group 1: Report onHRH Database Options. Roadmap for HRH
Group 2: Regional HRH Observatory

Group photo